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Club Persia is undoubtedly the pioneer of Persian clubbing in the world. Back in 1999 the Club Persia team devised 5 concepts for the Persian community in Europe, Canada, US, Australia and the Middle East. Babylon for the Elite, young and trendy Persians of Dubai. 1001 Nights for the more mature clientele with a penchant for fine dining followed by good Persian music. Other concepts include “PULSE Nights” , “HUSH Nights” and “CLUB PERSIA” the main brand being the most successful ongoing Persian events for the past 16 years across the world and has had residency at the best nightclubs of the past and present, such as Trilogy, 360, the Apartment, Chi, Elegante, Kasbar, Lotus 1, Plan B, The rooftop, People’s, Movida, Nasimi, N’dulge, Armani, Repulique, Cafe De Paris, Pacha Ibiza Dubai and many more.

Club Persia has become a phenomenon in the Persian clubbing community and has been expanding the brand internationally.

Over the years Club Persia’s followers have grow to the thousands and this has attracted many more for all our events. In the past events, Club Persia has brought out top Persian Artists and International DJs. Club Persia is host to may Persian celebrities and players from the National Iranian Soccer Team and has been covered by International media such as BBC UK, CNN, MTV and other major Mediums.

Over the past 16 years Club Persia and it’s various branded nights have received over 78,000 members. Club Persia receives both Persians and many other nationalities to its regular events.

Over the past 8 years Facebook has also played a big role with Club Persia having the largest fan base than any other Persian clubbing concept in the world.

Club Persia has made its mark on the Persian dance music scene as an exceptionally innovative and pioneering Persian event organiser. Specifically for the Elite Persians.

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