Mehran Abbasi

Mehran Abbasi aka Mehran was Born on the 27th of September 1984.

Fl Studio Power User / Producer / Remixer / Song Writer Mehran Abbasi aka Meran aka Ranyens, Dudaluk , Fede fade fudo,, Ransys , Neorin , Ran & Shan & Rodogun , Arka Noid

His love for music started early in his life! He was 4 years old when he felt the calling to music! 

From that moment on, mixing became his passion!

In 2010, He became one of sound designers in Image Line Audio and he is now one of the few power users on Image Line Co.

He designed Harmor VST Plugins for Image Line Co. “FL STUDIO” , He is now the Power user in Image line as “AVICII, AFROJACK, DeadMau5, Basshunter, Madeon, Tritonal, Etc.

Mehran will be performing for the first time at Club Persia on Monday 9th March 2015 @ Pacha Ibiza Dubai club, please see events for further details.